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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parish Marriage Records in 1700's in Hampshire

1. Jane Henwood and John Sandom, husbandman, got their marriage licence from the bishop of Winchester on 22 August 1715 in Stratfieldsaye, Basingstoke.
2. Thomas Henwood and Ann Iwood 6 November 1755 in Munk Sherborn.
3. Elizabeth Henwood and Joseph Bates, husbandman on 1 December 1757 in Kingsclere.
4. Margaret Henwood and William Quilley on 10 August 1766 in Hampshire County.
5. Sarah Henwood and David Curtis on 2 May 1782 in Hampshire.
6. William Henwood and Elizabeth Cannon on 9 November 1787 in Hampshire.
7. Ester Henwood, daughter of Robert Henwood and Thomas Inwood of Alton on 26 May 1795 in Alton Weston Patrick W.P. Hampshire. Ester was a minor with children of her father at W.P.
8. Mary Henwood, 21, of Portsmouth, daughter of John Henwood of Portsea, carpenter and bondsman, and John Salter of the HMS Glory, Mariner, age 21, on 25 April 1796.
9. John Henwood of Basingstoke and Ann Hayden 7 April 1799. Hampshire.

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