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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Henwood in England & Wales Criminal Registers

This is a source unknown to me as I haven't found anything like it in the United States so far.
Records from the court systems go way back in England. As I originally was surfing for Henry b: 1827, I started with him, but found so many others.

1. Henry Henwood: trial on 18 February 1869 in Reading, Berkshire, imprisonment, crime ws fraud, punishment was 3 months with hard labor.

2. Henry Henwood: trial 29 July 1871 in Cornwall, acquittal for some counterfeit coin.
3. Henry Henwood: trial 1 March 1880 in St Mary, Newington, Surrey, England, This county is next door to Hampshire, crime was warehouse breaking and larceny after a previous conviction of felony, punishment was 12 months imprisonment and hard labor.
4. Harriet Henwood nee Jewell b: 1807, trial 14 October 1839 in Hampshire, age 32, acquittal, County of Southampton, accused of larceny.
5. Thomas Henwood b: 1812 age 22 , trial Easter 1834 session in Winchester, Hampshire County, larceny from a person, not guilty.
6. Anne Henwood, trial April 1813 in Willshire, acquittal during April session of larceny.
7. Isabella Henwood trial April 1813 in Wiltshire, acquittal.
8. William b: 1816 age 27, trial 17 October 1843 in Devon, a county next door to Cornwall, acquitted of larceny.
9. Susan Henwood trial January 1821 in Devon, acquittal
10. Eli Henwood b: 1822 trial 15 October 1839 in Wiltshire, acquittal
11. James Henwood trial during Lent 1823 in Berkshire, imprisonment for larceny 14 days.
12. James Henwood born 1834 age 22, trial 5 March 1845 in Oxfordshire, acquittal. This is 2 counties from Hampshire, fairly close by.
13. William Henwood trial Lent 1824 in Devon for larceny from a person, imprisoned 6 months.
14. Charles Henwood trial 14 October 1851 in Surrey, imprisonment for stealing from a person, punishment is 6 months.
15. Charles Henwood trial 18 October 1852 Hampshire County, imprisonment for larceny. Convicted before of felongy, given 9 months.
16. John Henwood trial 5 January 1852 in Hampshire County, aquittal.
17. Eliza Henwood in Newington, Surrey County, imprisonment for larceny. Punishment hard to decipher, maybe 6 months.
18. Charles Henwood trial 17 October 1859 in Hampshire County called South Hampton County in Winchester, imprisonment for larceny. Convicted berore twice of felony. Punishment hard to decipher, could be 3 yrs or 6 months or not decided then.
19. Charles Henwood trial 2 March 1865 in Hampshire County, Southampton in Castle of Winchester, aquittal of larceny.
20. Charles Henwood trial 19 October 1868 in Hampshire, aquittal.
21. Eliza Henwood trial 3 July 1869 in Devon, acquittal.

There were other Henwoods listed. I just got tired writing them all down. One good thing about this listing is the birthdates given on some and the place the trial happened. This gives us information besides knowing they were accused or even did crimes. All records looked at were in beautiful cursive writing.

I found five Henry Henwoods for our tree so far. They were born in 1803, 1827 in Hantz, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, 1852 in Basingstoke, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, 1880 in Portsea Island, Hampshire and 1895 in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.
I found three Charles Henwoods for our tree so far. They were born in 1830 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, 1854 in Surrey and 1897 in Winchfield, Hartley Wintney Row, County of Hampshire.

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