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Friday, September 11, 2009

1600's Henwood Marriage Records in Hampshire, England

Kingsclere, Hampshire, England

Local legend asserts that King John was troubled by a bedbug during a night in a Kingsclere inn, when prevented by fog from reaching his lodge on Cottington’s Hill. He ordained that the Church should erect and evermore maintain upon its tower a representation of the creature which disturbed his sleep.

1. Richard Henwood m: Mary Wellman 26 Feb 1608 in Kingsclere.
2. Thomas Henwood m: Dorathe Wesoon 3 Feb 1610 in Kingsclere.
3. John Henwood m: Mary Martin 23 April 1629 in Kingsclere.

Hampshire Marriage Licences

1. Thomas Henwood of Kingsclere warriner and Dorothy Woston of Cheveley Berks daughter of Margery W of the s wid at K on February 1610.

2. John Henwood, servant to John Horwood to Jane Cherge, servant to Sr Rich, at Kingsmell on 25 August 1628.

3. Jno Henwood of Bentworth yeo and Margery Trimmer of Holybourne sp. Edm T of H yeo bond at St. Clem on 18 February 1640.

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