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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contact! A Henwood from Hampshire County, England

Valerie Henwood just contacted me from the UK. She has ancestors that go back to the 1500's in Hampshire County, England. She has a website:

On the website she cited a John born in 1538 in Medstead, Hampshire and who died in 1501. He married Anne, born in 1840 and died on 18 February, 1585. She had a whole page more of information that I need to check out.

Her daughter is an artist and my grandson is an artist. My grandson's art genes we thought were from both his grandmothers, but perhaps a Henwood gene for art slipped in, too. One of her ancestors, Reginald John William Henwood born in 1898, looks very similar to our Charles Ernest Henwood born about the same time. I can see a family resemblance.

Medstead is a town or village that I haven't run across as yet. I need to check as to where that is and what it is close to.

Thanks to internet, we certainly can get closer to finding ancestors in genealogy. So happy she contacted me.
PS: 11:21 am I'm so very glad. She just found information on Henry Henwood b: 1827. His wife Sarah Unknown is really Sarah Cooper and she has their wedding date: June 1848. I had guessed at 1847. My file is already full of Coopers. Queenie Dorothy Henwood who married Charles Ernest Henwood had Coopers in her Disney family. Like the States, there were only so many families to choose spouses from, so way back we can see families intertwine.

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  1. medstead = It is 3.9 Miles ( 6.3 Kms); East by North East ( 72 Degrees).
    FROM:- Medstead, P, HAM,ENG.
    TO:- Alton, P, HAM, ENG.

    down load the app below and you will be able to locate most places and find the distance between too. its perfectly safe and best of all its FREE. I've used it for years and would not be with out it!

    Parish Locator (for the uk)

    any way
    john bennet / henwood 1740 medstead was my 5 x great grand uncle through his marriage to rebecca windebank

    micheal bennet / henwood 1746 wield was the husband of hannah windebank my 1st cousin 7 x removed

    william bennet / henwood 1749 wield was the husband of mary windebank my 1st cousin 7 x removed

    sisters mary and hannah were cousins of rebecca all 3 the grandchildren of my 7th great grand parents nicholas and elizabeth windebank.