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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Henwood Family of Henry and Sarah born 1827

Henry Henwood was born in 1827 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Harley Wintney, England. He married Sarah who was also from the same town. They had seven (7) children that I found on the census information.

1. Henry Walter Henwood b: March 1852 in the same town as father and mother. He married Ellen born in 1853 in another town; Fitchfield, Hampshire, England. They had 2 children that I found. on the census
a. Henry W. Henwood b: 1880 in P0rtsea, Hampshire, England
b. Sidney A. Henwood b: 1886 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

2. Charles Henwood was born in 1854 in Farnham, Surrey, England. This shows that Henry moved around somewhat, probably finding work. He married Mary Ann Munday born in 1861 in Hank Brown Candewood, Winchfield, England. This is the line that we are from.They had 2 children that I have found on the census and from oral history. According to oral history they died young leaving our Henwood without parents at an early age.

a. Charles Ernest Henwood was born on February 6, 1897 in Winchfield, Hartley Wintney Row, County of Hampshire, England. This shows that our Henwoods had not traveled far to find another residence. We're still in Hampshire. He married Queenie Dorothy Disney born December 25, 1899 in Hornchurch, Romford District, Essex County, England in Auckland, New Zealand on June 4, 1927. He turned out to be a traveler and broke out of the neighborhood. So did Queenie who was known as Dorothy. I have not been able to connect her to the famous Walt Disney though have tried as she had thought she was. Dorothy wound up outside of England due to a first marriage to William Llewellyn Trevissick and had a young son when she married Charles. Charles and Dorothy had 2 children, both living.

b. Frederick Henwood was born in 1900 in Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Surrey, England. He went into the navy. This shows that Charles and Mary Ann had moved out of the county for his birth.

3. Ellen Frances Henwood was born in 1859 in Morli Lowsen, Middlesex, England. Again, her parents were on the move.

4. George Henwood was born in 1861 in Phoenix Green, Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, Hartley Row, England. It looks like they have returned to their origins. He married Sophia who was born in 1867 in Froyle, Southhampton, England. They had 3 children.
a. Ann Henwood was born in 1886 in the same town.
b. Walter Henwood was born the next year, 1887 in the same town.
c. George Henwood was born in 1889 in the same town.

5. Richard Henwood was born March 1861 in Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, Hartley Row, Winchfield, England He married Minnie Sharp born in 1860 in Buckinghamshire, Iver Heath, England. I found that they met while he was working as a servant in London when 20 years old and Minnie was also a servant there in the same household. Her full name was listed. In the next census they were married and living in their own residence. They had 5 children.

a. Rhoda M. Henwood was born in 1889 in Hampshire, Harley Wintney, Southampton, England.
b. Edith V. Henwood was born in 1890 in Hampshirre, Harley Wintney, Southampton, England
c. Dorothy Henwood was born in 1893 in Hartley Wintney, England.
c. Henry Henwood was born in 1896 in Hartley Wintney, England
d. William Henwood was born in 1898 in Hartley Wintney, England.

6. Fanny Henwood was born in 1863 in Harley Wintney, Hartley Row, England.
7. Rhoda Henwood was born in 1867 in Hampshire, Harley Wintney, England.
I found out that Basingstoke is 45 minutes SW from London. It lies in SE England. The name was on the census information.
Farnham, where Charles Ernest was born, is just a little SE from Basingstoke. It's very close.

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