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Monday, September 21, 2009

Haplogroups Found in Hampshire County, England and other Facts

I did a search and found that E1b1b1 Haplogroup was found in Hampshire. Others found there have been G, II (don't know what this is), I, and J. We'll see what our Henwood line turns out to be in about a month or so. I found that there is a Hampshire Group at http://www.familytreedna/. There are many groups of interest. I found the surname Shirley doing a dna study of their surname where they have found people all over in England. I believe from Shirley they found an R1b1 which was mentioned that it was ancient and went back to 1650. The Pike surname study is big. They are reporting R1a for many of their participants.

Go to the next address of National Trust to see a map of where Henwood has been found in England and other interesting facts. One graph shows that the ethnicity for Henwood in England is 99.54% British and 0.38% Welsh with a few dabs from some other exotic places. That tells me that we've had Henwoods travel around perhaps in business and have managed to have a few children there.

Someone mentioned that the Vikings were in Southern England (where Hampshire and Cornwall are located) so they might find I there, which they have. However, again another post mentioned that Vikings were also found in Northern England.

If we had a lot of questions about our dna, here is an address to help decide what further tests can be done and what they would show. It's from the Phillips surname site from that's done through familytreedna. They had many many who all turned out to be R1b1b2 haplogroup.

I found that the Royal Naval Museum was in Portsmouth, and that's one of the places I have found Henwood. If anyone goes to England, they'll have a great time besides doing searches.

Then I found Cyndi's List for Hampshire County, England and there she has listed a place to order certificates. The address is: She covers all sorts of information.

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