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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fantastic Henwood Researcher in England

I'm as pleased as punch to have found a fantastic Henwood researcher in England. Valerie, also a grandmother, who has had access to first hand information and knows how to dig out information. I haven't run across many people in this position myself in genealogy. Most of my information other than first hand from the family comes from For me it's been a matter of patience and searching techniques there. Sometimes just typing in the name of a child brings up a census with parents whereas typing the parent's name did nothing. You never know what combination helps to hit the jackpot with computers.

As she told me, "Hi
All the Henwood info relating to my line is taken from original parishes records and census returns when I worked at Hampshire County Libraries in the '70s, The list of children are all from baptismal entries in the register, obviously there is no entry for Charles, if he was born in Farnham, I have also personally transcribed a lot of records myself for Hants Gen Soc., which includes parts of the 1851 census. so a lot of the info i have is first hand, however I still say that to be absolutely sure of parentage then you should apply for Charles' birth certificate. "

She is going to send for the birth certificate which is something I do not know how to do from the states. That will formally connect our two lines, though by searching England for Henwood she did find Charles in Farnham. She wondered why he was born there. I'm supposing that people moved for jobs the same way they do here today.

Besides finding people on the tree, one outcome that's so exciting is meeting such nice people in your research and finding that they're related to your family. Another is finding all the similarities and interests that you share and knowing that dna can find its way to many people on your line. It's a great hobby.

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