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Saturday, September 12, 2009

LDS Files from 1700's on Henwood

1. Elizabeth Henwood was born July 1729 in Bramley, Hampshire County, England She married Joseph Bates on 5 December 1757. Interestingly, Joseph was born in Kingsclere on 27 February 1715, the home of many Henwoods. He died 3 May 1799.

James Reginald Henwood was born 16 November 1893. He married Annie Weston on 15 August 1918 in Portsfield, Chichester, Sussex, England He was buried on January 19, 1967 in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

1881 Census in England
1. Harriet Henwood was born in 1838 in Sherbourne, St. John, Hampshire. She was 43 years old on the census and already a widow, so her husband was a Henwood.

Pedigree Resources:
1. Ann Henwood b: 1821 married Eli Batt in 1851 in Hampshire, England. She was the 221st entry on this website.

There were many Henwoods from Berkshire, a bordering county to Hampshire.

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