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Friday, September 11, 2009

1500's-1600's Henwood Baptisms in Hampshire County, England

I was amazed to find baptismal records on ancestry going back to the 1500's in Hampshire.

Wield, Hampshire, England
"WIELD, a parish in the hundred of Bishop's Sutton, county Hants, 6 miles W. of Alton. The living is a perpetual curacy in the diocese of Winchester, value £70. The church, dedicated to St. James, contains a monument to Sir Richard Wallop, an ancestor of the Earl of Portsmouth. The Primitive Methodists have a chapel." [Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868) - Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003]
1. Alicia, daughter of Alicie Henwood, baptised on 28 September 1548 in Wield, Hampshire.

1. Johanes Henwood, son of Guidi Henwood b: 22 April 1605 in Wield, Hampshire.
Guidi is an interesting first name for an English child in 1605. Guidi is an Italian family that originated in the Romagna in the 10th century and came to dominate by the mid-12th century the Florentine contado (district), with possessions in its eastern region and in Tuscan Romagna, the contadi of Bologna, Faenza, Forlì, and Ravenna, and in the hilly Casentino country of the Upper Arno.

2. Wilhellmeis Henwood, child ? of Guidi Henwood b: 7 Feb 1606 in Wield, Hampshire.
3. John Henwood, son of James Henwood b: 1 Nov 1608 in Wield, Hampshire.
4. William Henwood, son of William Henwood b: Sept 1608 in Wield, Hampshire.
5. Elizabeth Henwood, daughter of James Henwood, b: 26 May 1611 in Wield, Hampshire.
6. Jane Henwood, daughter of William Henwood, b: 2 Feb 1611 in Wield, Hampshire.
7. Alice Henwood, daughter of William Henwood, b: 31 Dec 1612 in Wield, Hampshire.
8. Jone Henwood, son of James Henwood, b: 23 Feb 1613 in Wield, Hampshire.

Kingsclere, Hampshire, England
Kingsclere is a large village and civil parish in the county of Hampshire, England. Kingsclere is located near to Watership Down, the setting of Richard Adams' 1972 novel Watership Down.
Kingsclere is situated approximately equidistant (13 km / 8 miles) from the towns of
Basingstoke and Newbury on the A339 road.
1. Elizabeth Henwood, daughter of Thomas Henwood b: 11 Dec 1614 in Kingsclere.
2. Alexander Henwood, son of William Henwood b: 25 June 1614 in Kingsclere.
3. Jane Henwood, daughter of James Henwood, b: 8 June 1617 in Kingsclere.
4. Dorathe Henwood, daughter of Thomas Henwood, b: 14 Nov 1619 in Kingsclere.
5. James Henwood, son of James Henwood, b: 24 Dec 1620 in Kingsclere.
6. Hellen Henwood, daughter of Thomas Henwood, b: 5 May 1622 in Kingsclere.
7. John Henwood, son of Jon Henwood, b: 25 March 1630 in Kingsclere.
8. William Henwood, son of John Henwood, b: 1 Dec 1633 in Kingsclere.
9. Elinor Henwood, daughter of Thomas Henwood, b: 22 May 1664 in Kingsclere.
10 William Hennwod, son of John Hennwod, b: 28 June 1646 in Kingsclere.
11. Unknown Henwod, son of William Henwod, b: December 1606 in Kingsclere.
12. Mary Henwod, daughter of John Henwod, b: 4 September 1636 in Kingsclere.
13. Peter Henwod, son of John Henwod, b: 24 February 1638 in Kingsclere.
14. Margere Henwod, daughter of John Henwod, b: 25 March 1642 in Kingsclere.
15. Thomas Hinwood, son of Thomas Hinwood, b: 4 July 1613 in Kingsclere.
16. Johannes Hinwood, daughter of Joanna Hinwood, b: 19 October 1673 in Kingsclere.
17. Mary Honnwod, daughter of John Honnwod, b: Sept 1629 in Kingsclere.
Neighboring Counties
1. Marye Henwood, daughter of Henry Henwood, b: 8 April 1672 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
2. Henry Henwood, son of Henry Henwood b: 16 Sept 1626 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
3. Thomas Henwood, son of John Henwood b: 15 Feb 1628 in Charney, Berkshire.

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