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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Henry Henwood 1851 Census Questionable

This is a follow up of previous entry on 1851 census where I found a 43 year old Henry Henwood. Again, I don't think this is our Henry.

There was only one Henry Henwood that came up for 1851 on a census this time on It was in the Parish of Kings Sornbourn, Hampshire, England. I'm seeking Henry Henwood b: 1827 born in Hantz, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, England
PS: He has just been identified by researcher Valerie to be one of her Henwoods. Also, she identified Henry of Stockbridge who was the footman on the 1851 census turns out to be on her tree.

Henry Henwood age 25, b: abt 1826 in Hackbridge, Hampshire. (That's why I question.) Lodger, and pupil teacher at Keymaster School. This is why it couldn't be our Henry. Ours was a carpenter, not a teacher. Unless he was teaching only carpentry work, it's most doubtful.
Living with:
Robert Russell 33, agricultural laborer, and wife Sarah 29 and children James Brine, nephew of Robert age 7 and Henry Greathursh 9, lodger.

Next door lived the Henwoods, (spelled Harewood by person typing)
William Henwood 31 b 1818 in Kingsornbourn-agricultural laborer
Caroline, wife, age 29 b: 1822 in E. Tytherley, Hampshire
Elizabeth Henwood 8, b: 1843 in E. Tytherley
Sarah Henwood 7 b: 1844 in E. Tytherley
Mary Henwood 5, b: 1846 in Kingsournbourn -typist changed to Henwood here.
Ellen Henwood 2 b: 1849 in Kingsournbourn
Eliza Henwood 1 b 1850 in Kingsournbourn

This could be my Henry and perhaps Mr. Robert Russell gave the census taker the information and guessed at his birth-town. This could be the home of a cousin or even a brother, as I don't know who our Henry's parents and family were.

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