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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Henwood Village in Cornwall, England

A Steve Henwood in Australia contacted a Steve Henwood in the states to say that our Henwoods may have come from the village of Henwood in Cornwall, England. He had visited this village. His relatives were miners and coach painters there. They immigrated to Australia in the 1850's and kept up coach painting and then later joined the railways. He lives with his wife and 2 children in the town of McLaren Vale, south of the cith of Adelaide in South Australia. He is an aircraft engineer.

So far I haven't found any connection to this line. It is interesting that there is a village by the same name. I have just found the village of Henwood, Cornwall, England. I'll include the map where the red light globe A figure is pointing to the spot.
PS:9/10/09 A Charles Henwood just contacted me to tell me exactly where Henwood Village is:
Henwood is about 4 miles north of Liskeard just off the Liskeard-Launceston road(B 3254). It is in the parish of Linkinhorne.

I do know that Charles Ernest traveled and lived in Australia for some time. He was also in New Zealand. That's where he married Queenie Dorothy Travissick nee Disney.

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