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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pallot's Marriage Index for England

All the following list happened in Parishes in Hampshire County, England. Finally I have a marriage source listing both participants and the year of the blessed event.

1. Ann Henwood married William Chapel in 1796 in Basingstock Parish.
I do have an Ann Henwood but she was born in 1833 in Basingstoke.

2. Giles Henwood married Ann Faull in 1791 in Alverstoke Parish.
3. George Henwood married Jane Caesar in 1805 in Heckfield Hants 6 Parish.
I have two George Henwoods. One was born in 1861 and the other in 1889.

4. Mary Henwood married Edward Kent in 1801 in Crondall Parish.
I have a Mary born in 1901.

5. Elizabeth Henwood married Martin Gage in 1780 in Southwark Parish.
6. Samuel Henwood married Amy Pearce in 1801 in Bradfield Parish.

Evidently there are other Henwoods in Hampshire County who are not listed on my tree--as yet.

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