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Friday, October 23, 2009

We Fit Atlantic Modal Haplotype

DYS markers 19, 389-1, 389-2, 391, 392 and 393 are the definition of the Atlantic Modal Haplotype, except for ourDYS 390 which is 23 instead of the 24. Most of the people in the Sinclair project fall within a one-step mutation of these markers. Note that this chart shows DYS390=24. This is precisely on the AMH, but the folks who found this Haplogroup decided to allow someone to be off by one or two markers and still say they're part of the AMH. Those days are numbered as there are so many SNPs now being found downstream of this Haplogroup.
When you couple our DYS390 values with other particular markers, we can compare ourselves to some interesting studies that have been conducted throughout Europe. Our DYS19 values are overwhelmingly 14 with a few 13's and 15's. Our DYS392 values are overwhelmingly 13's with a few interesting 11's and 14's. These are all quite deviant from the AMH norm, but are still classified as R1b.

Our Henwood DYS 19=14
DYS 389-1=13
DYS 389-2=29
DYS 390=23 instead of 24.
DYS 391=11
DYS 392=13
DYS 393=13

DYS 390 may show that this line came from original people of Britain, the Celtic natives, but more likely it is showing they came from Anglo Saxons and Danes in Denmark. Also they could have come from the northern coast of the Netherlands or Western and Northern Germany.


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