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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bluehenge Find from 5,000 Years Ago Near Hampshire

Stonehenge is only 90 miles west of London in the county of Wiltshire which is next door to our Hampshire County. Now archaeologists have found a "Bluehenge" which is only 80 miles SW from London and about a mile away from Stonehenge. This dates back 5,000 years and was another circle formation with stones. It is believed it was part of the rituals of life and death. The stones have now disappeared over the centuries but the indentations remain from 27 stones.
Since it's fairly close to Hampshire County where I have found many Henwoods, it makes me wonder just how long the ancestors have inhabited the area. This circle would date back to about 3,000 BCE.

I might mention that through dna we find that haplogroup P came from the Middle East and out of P arose Q and R. There are many R's in England and I'm betting that Henwood is some sort of R, too. Now we'll have to figure out just when they entered Britain and who was here before them if anyone.

Going way back, what were the people like there? We can, however, say that biologically they were part of the Caucasoid population of Europe. The regional physical stereotypes familiar to us today, a pattern widely thought to result from the post-Roman Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions - red-headed people in Scotland, small, dark-haired folk in Wales and lanky blondes in southern England - already existed in Roman times. Insofar as they represent reality, they perhaps attest the post-Ice Age peopling of Britain, or the first farmers of 6,000 years ago.

The Neolithic and Bronze Age goes back to 834 BCE. The Iron Age started about 728 BCE. Finally the Romans entered Britain in 49 ACE. So Stonehenge and Bluehenge occurred in the middle of the Iron Age.


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