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Friday, October 9, 2009

Surrey-London, England Births and Baptisms 1813-1906

Surrey is the county next door to Hampshire. This is where I found Charles Ernest and his father, Charles.

1. William and Ann Henwood were the parents of:
a. William Henwood baptised on 22 Oct 1815 in Saint Mary, Staines, Surrey, England
b. Lucy Henwood 9 Jun 1816
c. Edward Henwood 13 Feb 1820
d. Ann Henwood 3 Aug 1823
e. Elizabeth Henwood 10 Dec 1826
f. Eliza Henwood 11 May 1828
g. Emma Henwood 22 May 1831

2. Eliza Henwood was listed as the mother without a man's name listed.
a. Elizabeth Henwood 25 Dec 1848

3. John and Sarah Henwood were parents of:
a. John Henwood 22 Jan 1869

4. Christopher and Fanny Henwood were parents of:
a. Christopher Charles Henwood 3 Mar 1875

5. John and Martha Henwood were parents of:
a. Sarah Ann Henwood 1 Aug 1875
b. Catherine Lizzie Henwood 2 Dec 1877
c. George Henwood 13 June 1880
d. John William Henwood 13 May 1883
e. Charlotte Henwood 15 May 1886
f. Mary Ann Henwood 17 Feb 1889

6. Henry William and Agnes Henwood were parents of:
a. Henry John Henwood 14 Jul 1895

7. Henry William and Amelia Agnes Henwood were parents of;
a. Amelia Agnes Henwood 9 May 1897
b. Ernest William Henwood 7 Jan 1900 in All Saints, Laleham, Surrey
c. Beryl Frances Henwood 18 Apr 1902

8. Walter Sidney and Alice Henwood were parents of:
a. Alice Hope Henwood 14 Oct 1909

9. William and Susan Henwood were parents of :
a. Caroline Charlotte Henwood 5 Nov 1813 in Saint Mary At Lambeth, Lambeth

10. Richard and Penelope Henwood were parents of:
a. Charles Henwood 26 Sept 1813 in Saint Margaret, Uxbridge, Hillingdon

11. John and Elizabeth Henwood were parents of:
a. John Henwood 31 Oct 1813 in Saint George, Bloomsbury, Camden

12. Edward and Jane Henwood were parents of:
a. John Henwood 21 Aug 1814 at St. Katherine by the Tower in London
b. Celia Henwood 25 Aug 1816

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