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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Test Results of DNA In

The test results of dna have arrived. This Henwood line is an R1b1b2 haplogroup.
The test was only on 12 alleles, but so far we have no matches to warrent going further at this point.

DYS 393 was the usual 13. The interesting thing is that our Robinson line of Mildred E. Robinson, grandmother of the Henwood tested, was also R1b1b2. However, they had a DYS 393 of 12, which is very rare. This is the first allele tested on the familytreedna test. The 2nd allele, DYS 390 on Henwood was a 23 whereas on our Robinson it was 21. Otherwise, the rest of the alleles were exactly the same. Robinson's history was that they came over not on the Mayflower but the next ship. Where I thought they came from England, it's looking more like Ireland all the time, or possibly even Wales.

Several others on my list were also found to be R1b1b2, and very close to this Henwood.

As to finding matches in the world, an interesting but expected result was as follows.
1. 376 matches were from England out of 19,456 tested. This is a 1.9%. This Henwood's grandparents were both from England. A surprise is that 9 matches were from Belgium out of 429 making it a 2.1%. Denmark had 12 matches out of 684 with a 1.8%. Germany had 166 out of 9,824 with 1.7%. The Netherlands had 29 matches out of 1,364 with a 2.1%. (My initial theory was that a Hen had married a Wood that was in the Netherlands. Then I had found the Henwood Village in Cornwall, England, but this line seems to not be from that group. )

Now we'll sit back and see if any further matches come up through familytreedna. We'll be notified. I'm hoping that some Henwoods will get involved and get tested.

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