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Monday, July 12, 2010

John William Henwood born 1845

Nicholas Henwood born 1535
John William Henwood b 1845 in Cambridge Lane West Plymouth. he married Jane Perrett on 23rd July 1873 in New Plymouth New Zealand.

This is interesting as it's another Henwood who moved to New Zealand. He could be from the village of Henwood in Cornwall. I've heard of another going to New Zealand from there. Also, our Charles Henwood went to Australia and New Zealand but didn't remain there.

This came to me through another Henwood connection. I don't have him on my tree, but then you never know.

Another contact: My Henwoods come from SE Cornwall - the earliest being a Nicholas Henwood born in 1535 and who married at Menheniot in 1558. Any one who is interested in that branch please contact me.

David Henwood-from our Henwood Family Tree Henwood @ yahoo groups.


  1. I am the Great Great Grandson of John William Henwood, born 2 October 1845 at 5 Cambridge Lane West, Plymouth, Devon. It is interesting that you refer to John W as 'coming from' Cornwall. His New Zealand obituary states the same thing and can be read here (Taranaki Daily News , 15 October 1918, p. 7):

  2. I live in Heskyn Mill, Tideford, Cornwall.
    I have been given documents regarding the Henwoods from S E Cornwall by the direct descendants.
    William Henwood, son of James and Rebecca, emigrated to NZ and in 1839 married his childhood sweetheart, Ann Putt in New Plymouth.
    It is thought that he built the first water powered flour mill in NZ.
    The family developed the village of Henwood as homes for miners in the mine they owned.
    The chapel in the village did have a sign 'Donated to the village by James Henwood'