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Monday, July 12, 2010

Henwood Contacts from Valerie Henwood

I "would like to say hello to all those researching Henwood in Hampshire I have been tracing my family name since 1968 and have, with the aid of original parish records and many visits to Hampshire archives have traced my line back to the early 1500s in the parishes of Medstead, Weild, Bentworth,and Shalden. I also have trees for several of the branchesI have supplied information to Nadine to help her back through her line in Weild and would be happy to help anyone with Henwood queries. I also have a Henwood data base to which I am continually adding information". from fmhenwood.

This is from Valerie Henwood, the genealogist of Henwood. To make contact, you can contact me right now. Her website will be down for a few months.

I hope this reaches others and we can find out more information about our Henwood branch in Hampshire, England.

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