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Sunday, July 25, 2010

529 Henwoods in Hampshire 1837-2006

I just checked out the website in the UK called findmypast at and found 529 Henwoods in Hampshire County from 1837 to 2006. They are on pages of 50, so I ran off 5 pages. On the 5th page I found Charles Ernest Henwood listed. I already have his information from, but never have I seen a list of Henwoods like this.

If you want to view the given information you must pay 5 credits each.

I hope to discover Charles's brother Frederick on this listing. This gives middle names.

All other counties are there, of course. I just picked Hampshire because that's where the Henwoods seem to have originated from. I know that many others not on our tree come from Cornwall. I'm quite sure I don't have 529 Henwoods on our tree.

With help, I've been able to go back to the year 1538 in Hampshire finding John Henwood of Medstead, Hampshire, England and his wife, Ann.

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