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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Henwoods in Hampshire, England 1538

1838 Hampshire, England, Home of This Henwood Line

Nadene Goldfoot

John Henwood was born 1538 in Medstead, Hampshire, England. His family descendants seemed to stay pretty close to this area. I have found in 1713 another John was born in Shalden Village. His son John was born back in Medstead in 1739.

The next John b: 1772 was in Wield, Hamshpire.. The chain is broken with the next child, Henry b 1803 in Basingstoke. So was his son, Henry b: 1827 in Hantz, Basingstoke.

Finally we get to Charles Ernest Henwood b: 1897 in Winchfield, Hartley Wintney Row, Hampshire. His father, also Charles, b: 1854 had broken the Hampshire tradition of being born in Farnham, Surrey, England. .

It was Charles Ernest who emigrated from England and went to Australia and New Zealand, perhaps because he signed up for the army at age 16. He finally settled as an immigrant in Washington, USA and died in California.

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