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Friday, April 20, 2012

Finding Matches of DNA at FamilyTree

Somehow I looked into the entire data base of familytreedna for a match for my son's dna match.  I just had a look and found several matches at the 37 allele level, but the surnames are not Henwood.  There is a Hardy with at 12 generations has an 88.58% possibility of a match while at 20 generations is 99.93%.  Taylow at 12 generations has an 89.17% while at 28 generations has 99.94%.  McKay at 8 generations is 70.49%, 12 generations has 90.23% while at 20 has 99.96%. 

Then I poked around and the 12 allele test came up.  There was a Henwood match with at 12 generations was 70.69% and at 28 was 94.30%!  I wrote an email and certainly hope to hear back from him.  This was amazing. 

Familytree changed their look several months back and I've been reticent about checking. 

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