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Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally Finding a Henwood Match

Finding a Henwood match in dna is quite exciting to me. We have the Tip report which tells a % of chances of having a common ancestor and at how far back. I figure one generation is 25 years; so 12 generations would be 300 years or the year 1712 to John Henwood b: 1713 in Shalden Village, Hampshire, England.

At 24 generations back or 600 years, we had a 91.41% chance to share a common ancestor with him. That would take you back to the year 1412, before Columbus sailed!

I've taken the Henwood genealogy back as far as John Henwood b: 1538 in Medstead, Hampshire, England. I had help with an English genealogist, Valerie Henwood, who has done a lot of research as well as me having used English people have been keeping great records and they still have them around. I believe I've mentioned her somewhere on my blog.

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