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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Henwoods in Hampshire Not Identified

I found a William Henwood born in 1742 and christened 1 July 1742 in Hartley Wespall, Hampshire with a father William and mother Anne. I haven't placed them on the tree as yet. These are Hampshire people, too.

Then I found a William Henwood on the Burials in Wield, Hampshire, England who died at age 63 on 23 November 1809 that I haven't placed. They have to be a part of the family as this is in Wield, a place where the family is from.

Weston Patrick, Hampshire, England is the home of other Henwoods I haven't placed that are on a Henwood listing. I just found a 75 yr old Henry Henwood and his 74 yr old wife Eliza on the 1891 census in Shalden, Hampshire. Henry was born in Weston Patrick while Eliza was born in West Worldham. Their 44 yr old nephew William was living with them. He was from Shalden. They lived in The Village and were agricultural workers. Henry was on the 1901 census in the same place but not Eliza. She must have died, however William was still with him at age 55 now.


  1. I am hoping some of your unplaced Henwoods have been given a home with the help of the tree i sent you

  2. 2/6/10: I don't think all of them were able to be placed. Sometimes there were things I didn't understand, as I remember.