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Thursday, November 5, 2009

One More DNA Match-Barely

I just checked again and found someone who has had the 67 allele test, but is a fair match. This is not a Henwood but a Wyatt. It would take a 66.71% possibility to go 24 generations to find a common ancestor for both. This is not very high. The other match was not listed, this time. I was surprised. He has the distance of 1 and is on the Hampshire, England Project along with our Henwood dna test of 12 alleles.

After checking out matches with the entire familytreedna, I found that we had a match with 996 others through the Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype. I decided it's better to follow the Hampshire, England group as that's where our ancestors came from, so decided to just keep that one and the other group.

We are actually related to everyone if we go back far enough, and need higher allele testing to start finding a real match. If I found another Henwood who was a match at 12 alleles, then both of us should go higher to find out how far apart we are on our tree.

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