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Monday, November 9, 2009

English/American Financial Transactions for Genealogy

I need to pay for the birth certificate of Henry Henwood b: 1827, so went to my bank to find out how to pay my Henwood friend in England for getting it for me.
I found out my bank doesn't do pay/pal. They wire money for a huge fee. It would cost me $50 to wire money to England, and then it would cost the person in England a big amount to receive it; the bank said about $20.
They said to just send a check and they can cash it at their bank. It's nice to know that another country can take a check.
The next thing is to compare the value of the English pound with the dollar, and that was sad. The pound /1 GBP (Great Britain Pound) =1.6725 USD (United States Dollars)
1USD=0.5979 GBP. One pound is almost double the value of the dollar.
11/10/09 Sent in check for birth certificate.

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