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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Origins By GedMatch: Eurogenes J Test

Nadene Goldfoot
Steve's paternal grandfather was a Henwood and his grandmother was a Disney.  Steve's mother is Ashkenazi Jewish with the maiden name of Goldfoot, so his DNA reflects this. Her father was Jewish and her mother had converted.   I used the same test I had for myself and my brother. His father's parents came from England for the past hundreds of years.  .   Here are the results.  I would have guessed that 50% of his DNA or more would have been from England.

1. His largest % shows almost 1/4 of his DNA comes from North Central Europe with 23.40% North Central Europe  which lies between Eastern and Western EuropeNorthern Europe is the northern part or region of Europe. Geographically, northern Europe consists of (from west to east): Iceland, the British IslesScandinaviaNorthern GermanyFinland, the Baltic States and Northwest Russia. . His maternal ggrandmother was from Sweden.  That would be north central Europe.  That's why we have a high % here.  Also, his maternal grandparents include Goldfoot who was from Lithuania and Russia.  
Central Europe brown on left with peninsula is United Kingdom and across from it is Netherlands, and green Germany, red Poland, then Belarus, North Sea is white

2. Atlantic States is 21.31%  USA along Atlantic seaboard -recent genes.  It comprises the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland), Iceland,Belgium, the Netherlands, the central and northern regions of Portugal, northwestern and northern Spain (including theSouthern Basque Country), the southwestern and western portion of France (including Northern Basque Country), western Scandinavia, and northern Germany.

3. Western Mediterranean countries is 12.74%  , France, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Tunisia , and for our history, most likely it was Italy as Jews from Jerusalem went there.   We connect to the famous biblical commentator, RASHI, who was from Troyes, France.

4. Ashkenazi Jewish is 10.65%.  Jews live and lived in Israel (2.8 million), Germany (200,000), Russia (194,000-500,000_ and Poland (25,000).  Our history is from these areas in the Pale of Settlement.  .                                                                                           
maternal grandfather, Maurice Goldfoot b: 1908 Oregon

Great grandfather-Nathan Goldfoot b:1870  Lithuania
Ashkenazi Jew
5. Southern Baltic States is 9.66% These are  Baltic states  as they are near the Baltic Sea.  
Baltic states [Credit: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.]
Northeastern region of Europe containing the countries of EstoniaLatvia, and Lithuania, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. It also includes Finland, N. Scandinavia, Romania, Belarus, It could also come from Lithuania as it is most south and the Goldfoot/Goldfus lived in Lithuania at least back to the 1700s.  .  
6. Eastern Europe is 8.96%        Regions used for statistical processing purposes by the United Nations Statistics Division which classifies Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey in Asia:
  Northern Europe  Scandinavia
  Western Europe  France, Germany, Austria, Czech, Poland, many Jews here
  Eastern Europe  Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, many Jews here
  Southern Europe  Spain, Italy, Bosnia, Serbia
His maternal great grandmother, Zlata Jermulowske, came from Lithuania and Poland with his ggrandfather  coming from Lithuania.  

7. Eastern Mediterranean is 6.88% with Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Liberia, Greece and Cyprus, and our origins would have been Israel. 


8. Western Asian countries is 4.21% The term is sometimes used for the purposes of grouping countries in  statistics
West Asia
The total population of Western Asia is estimated at about 300 million as of 2015.  It overlaps with Middle East excluding Egypt.  As a geographic concept, "Western Asia" includes the Levant, Mesopotamia, the Arabian peninsulaAnatoliaIran,Armenian Highlands and South Caucasus. The Sinai Peninsula belongs to Western Asia.  Some records include "include the nations of Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Oman, and Yemen as part of West Asia.  Our history would come from what they call the Levant which includes Israel.  
9. Middle Eastern countries is 1.99% with Israel being our origin, and could be from the Q also originating in Turkey.  At some time in history could also come from Persia, the home of Queen Esther (Iran today).  

10. Siberian heritage  is 0.16%  This comes from his maternal grandfather, Nathan Abraham Goldfoot's Ydna of Q1b1a with origins of Siberia thousands of years ago.  We were the perfect people to come to Lithuania as Q1b1a, right out of Siberia, Mongolia, parts of Turkey, and into the Pale of Settlement held by Russia.  Of course this trip took thousands of years and I think had to have deviated into Israel around Ur in Iraq.  The % is so small because this was where it all started on the Goldfoot side so very long ago.  

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