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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Henwood DNA Test Upgrade Order Today

Nadene Goldfoot
I have found one person who matches the 12 allele test that this Henwood has taken, and the match has taken the 37 allele test, so I broke down and upgraded our test.  This perfect match may soon change  in closeness as in chatting with them, their ancestors had left Hampshire, England and had moved over to the new America quite early on, whereas this line of ours had only recently immigrated from England. 

According to our tip report, we should have a common ancestor 12 generations back or 300 years  to 1711, with a 70.69% chance, which would take this line back to John Henwood (1713-1786 born in Shalden Village, Hampshire, England and who died in Wield, Hampshire, England.  He was married to Elizabeth "Betty" Bennet.  Otherwise, we could find a connection with 94.30% chance back 24 generations probably to 1411.  We only know that our tree stops in 1538 with another John Henwood.  I guess King John was quite popular in those days.  There were lots of Johns. 

Update 12/12/11 Our upgrade is scheduled to be ready by 1/25/12.  I hope it will come through sooner.
Update: 1/23/12  i just checked and due to high volume being tested, our will not be ready till 2/13/12/  I can't wait to see it. 
Update: 2/2/12: The test came in today.  R1b1a2 (M269)

Resource: familytreedna

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