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Monday, December 20, 2010

DNA Report on R1b1b2

If you have had your dna tested and are in R1b1b2, here is the latest report. Vincent tells more in depth research for deep clade testing, etc. in his full report on ISOGG.

The basic story of R1b1b2 hasn't changed since our last update: I still estimate this haplogroup to be about 5-6,000 years old, to have an origin somewhere in SW Asia, and to have spread into Europe from there. from Vincent Vizachero, leader in dna group R1b1b2.

There are more Henwoods than I had ever realized. Two places seem to be the origin that I have found in the UK; Cornwall and Hampshire. Both are fairly close to each other. Cornwall is the home of the village, Henwood. DNA testing would certainly help to find relationships, especially when paper evidence is lacking.


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