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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Descendants of Henry Henwood
Here are a few of our ancestors. If you see any of yours, you might want to find out more and contact me. The Henwood ancestors of one of these people now live in the USA. It would be interesting to know where others are now living.

1 Henry Henwood b: February 1827 in Hantz, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, England d: December 1914 in Hartley Wintney, /Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
. +Sarah Cooper b: 1827 in Hantz, Basingstoke,Hartley Wintney England d: March 1901 in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England
... 2 Sarah Ann Henwood b: April 27, 1848
... 2 Henry Walter Henwood b: March 1852 in Basingstoke, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, England d: 1902 in Wandsworth, Greater London, London, Surry, England
....... +Ellen M. Unknown b: 1853 in Fitchfield, Hampshire, England d: June 1914 in St. Pancras Greater London, England
... 2 Charles Henwood b: February 13, 1854 in Farnham, Surrey, England d: Bet. 1910 - 1913 in England
....... +Mary Ann Munday b: 1861 in Hank Brown Candowood, Winchfield, England d: December 1906 in Hambledon, Surrey Sussex, England age 46
... 2 Ellen Frances Henwood b: 1859 in Morli Lowsen, London, Middlesex, England
... 2 George Henwood b: 1860 in Hartley Wintney.
....... +Sophia Gillam b: 1867 in Froyle, Southhampton, Hants, England
... 2 Richard Henwood b: March 1861 in Hampshire, Hartley Wintney, Hartley Row, Winchfield, England
....... +Minnie Sharp b: Bet. 1860 - 1862 in Buckinghamshire, Iver Heath, England d: March 1903 in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England
... 2 Fanny Frances Henwood b: 1863 in Winchfield, Hants/Harley Wintney, Hartley Row, England
... 2 Mary Ann J. Henwood b: 1865 in Hartley Row, Hank, Winchfield, Hampshire, England
... 2 Rhoda Henwood b: 1867 in Hampshire, Harley Wintney, England

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